Jane Albright. www.janealbright.comJane Albright is a Chicago artist who has the ability to witness the colors exuding beyond the physical color frames of third dimensional realism. She is currently known for her trademarked technique called “Energetic Portrait” which is a visual representation of the energy of a person, place, or thing. As a natural born and professionally trained energy reader, Jane attunes herself to the energy of a person, place, object or aspect and begins painting. Her work has been referred to as “Ecstatic Realism.” Each creation is intended to serve as inspiration and to put in place a visual frequency for growth. As Jane paints she remains conscious of what energy will support and even propel its surroundings in the best possible way. Each image holds a space for the future joy in all of us.

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Jane Albright. www.janealbright.com

  • 2012: 8’x10′ Mural Painting commissioned by local business and ArtLab123 Studios, commissioned Energetic Portraits, scheduled to show at Ravenswood Art Walk this Fall.
  • 2011: Ravenswood Art Walk: recognized by public vote as a favorite artist in the outside Live Mural Painting area. Bridgeport Art Center: showed Energetic Portrait of CarlaStarla, painting commissioned Energetic Portraits one of which was on a recycled framed window for Green Spirit Living, donated a painting to Chicago Fair Trade fundraiser event, Live Art at Yoga Now’s Chi-Ka-Go event, Live Art at a Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum event.
  • 2010: Solo Show at Wax Lounge (Chicago) and Weeds Tavern (Chicago), Vegan Mania Live Artist, painted commissioned Energetic Portrait pieces for Lincoln Park residents, donated a painting to Chicago Fair Trade fundraiser event, Live Art at Yoga Now’s Chi-Ka-Go event.
  • 2009: Hotei Gallery, Rogers Park Artwalk, Glenwood Art Festival, Vegan Mania